Complaint management

You can send in your complaint by email using the below contact form, by post or telephone. We will need your contact data, your account of the reason for the complaint or claim and (if available) further documents explaining the com-plaint. We are only able to inform any potential representatives you may have if the complaint is accompanied by a suitable power of attorney.

All complaints received are processed directly by our complaints management. We will send you prompt confirmation of receipt of your complaint.

We will immediately set to work to handle your issue and find a solution within 15 working days. If, for reasons we cannot control, the solution requires more time, we will get in touch with you, tell you the reasons for the delay and inform you of the expected completion date. After a maximum of 35 working days, you will receive an answer to your complaint from us.

If you are not completely satisfied by the solution we have found for your com-plaint, you have the option of recourse to an arbitration body of the Deutsche Bundesbank (German Federal Bank). To this end we are happy to provide you information about the details of the arbitration process in accordance with the Finanzschlichtungsstellenverordnung (Financial Arbitration Bodies Act). You can find this on the website of the German Federal Bank ( You can send your request by email to, by fax to +49 (0)69 709090-9901 or by post to

Deutsche Bundesbank


Postfach 10 06 02

60006 Frankfurt am Main

Further recourse to the civil courts is unaffected by this.

Best wishes,