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LUNADIS is the youngest member of the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group. From rental services at peak order times (including toll settling for leased vehicles)to security services (if cash is needed immediately on site in an emergency), LUNADIS covers those services of the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group that do not concern the immediate continuation of your transport services.

Rental services (including toll settling for leased vehicles)

In case of peak orders, you can use our rental services to quickly and easily compensate for bottlenecks in fleet capacity

The offer includes:

  • trucks
  • cars
  • trailers
  • transporters
  • vehicles for transport and construction
  • special vehicles of various makes such as roll-off tippers, tipper trailers and semi-trailers

current rental stations

Minimum wage statement

In France, all foreign drivers must have proof that they are paid at least the minimum wage in France during their driving hours. In addition, in France they must appoint a representative to file all the documents required in France (e. g. monthly pay slips, employment contracts, etc.) for the French authorities in a French database. For this purpose, we offer our customers an opportunity to use a server of our Spanish service partner Servicios Bagem (SB) for a fixed fee per driver. LUNADIS charges this fee every six months.

Security deposits

You are abroad and need cash on the spot? With the security services of LUNADIS, a "mobile rescue service" is available to you if required. So that you can continue your journey quickly and deliver on time.